Air Associated Society

    Typically what an expert can find in this piece of software is dozens lines of encrypted text which describe crucial technical details concerning every flight. It is the job of a security network expert to find the possible bottlenecks in the system, sort them out, and encrypt all the critical information with a strong encryption technique making sure there is no plain text remained. Otherwise the whole system might be cracked. An intruder first begins with scanning all the ports starting from 0 all through the way ending at time even with the port number of 65535. In most cases some of them are open and can constitute a real hole in a security system of internetworking equipment. Definitely a cracker will not scan each port manually; he is likely to use a specialized scanner to determine open ports. Those scanners for virtual breaks-in is used not only in illegal purposes but also for finding the bottlenecks in securing ports which is number one step. Later one can find many different ways to make his way to the core server or a root directory, which a desired place for every intruder, and there the expert airmen is to encrypt all the information leaving not a single plain text line to secure the information from cracking. This might give some hope in the way that this text even if cracked would not be decrypted.
    Nowadays there is a huge amount of pieces of software serving those problems, and Notampro is perhaps the best in the way of air network security, it uses certain tricks and hints but one should not get relaxed at simple installment of this software since most of those encrypting and decrypting mechanisms might be already known to hackers and crackers. Daily proper monitor of every process and installment of proper antivirus along with crafty hands of and expert can guarantee ninety-ninety-five percent of success in networking security.