Network Security Issues

    Modern networks are hugely saturated with legal and illegal software of encryption and security origin. But not all of them are efficient enough. Virus databases always get appended with newer types of malware and thorough monitoring of them can help the expert in improvement of security issues. But even newly professional software with lots of security functionality in lumpy hands can produce lots of problems and case leakage of crucial information. And in crafty hands even a hand-made software constituting a dozen of line of codes can fully destroy a server, or steal necessary information without leaving a single trace of malware activity, or serve any other purpose that hacker want it to serve.
    One can come across many different types of network cracks including social engineering. Having installed a single piece of software with in-built mechanisms for security and encryption can guarantee system integrity only by half. Again, the whole staff should pass specialized trainings on prevention of intrusion and techniques they should be taken into consideration. Thus security experts can stay more or less comfortable in the way that airmen society is informed of the consequences of its innocent at first sight actions as to providing certain pieces of information to complete strangers under psychological and social influences.
    But today airmen are quite well informed about those potential risks, however, updating information on network security will be of great advantage to every member of the airport.
    But on the second thought, not a true hacker would ever change any information encrypted via either Notam or NotamPro since every intelligent person understands that this sort of information is bound with personal security of many people, and might include the life and well-being of any possible intruder as well.